Saturday, December 10, 2005

New online store

Sublime Exile first digital download releases now online ! - our entire back catalogue and all forthcoming releases will from now on be made available through our new online store. GO TO >>> sublime exile mp3 store !!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Two new podcasts !

Listen to two great new tunes from the forthcoming 'storm in a tea cup' EP by the fakes and also a tune from our current success. Plök has recieved no less than seven awards and a #1 peak at the experimental rock chart at !
the fakes podcast:
plök podcast:

Monday, August 29, 2005

Proudly introducing the fakes !


Proudly introducing The Fakes debut EP Storm in a tea cup.
Now for the first time published online, the demo versions of the recording sessions.

The EP will be released in 2005 in Australia by MGM Distribution and in Europe by Sublime Exile Recordings.

Please follow this link and listen to demo versions of the EP !

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sublime Exile Podcast launch !

Sublime Exile has launched their first time podcast.
Please visit for review and listen.

All comments are more than welcome - thanks !

Friday, May 20, 2005

New signing !

Yeah ! - that's right.

The fairly new and small independent danish record label Sublime Exile Recordings has landed an exclusive deal and proudly introduce the fantastic australian band the fakes and it's debut release 'Storm in a teacup'. Fans of bands such as Mazzy Star, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Sneaker Pimps, Sinéad O'Connor, Cocteau Twins, Cowboy Junkies, Cranes, Velvet Underground should really check this great new band out ! - The sound is pop; sensual, dark brooding, with a fragile and intense female vocal over stark guitars, intelligent electronica and beautiful string arrangements. The tracks are all recorded in Australia at Graham's and Adrianna's by Robbie Rowlands and the fakes and mastered at Crystal Mastering House - Melbourne by John Roberto. Produced and engineered by Robbie Rowlands (Morning After Girls, 1200 Techniques, The Fauves, 16mm...)

'the fakes are absolutely fantastic and we here at Sublime Exile love their music. Thank God for the fakes !'

Title: Storm in a tea cup
Artist: the fakes
Prefix: SER1004D
Release: 30 January 2006

1. Tear / 4:55
2. Storm / 0:33 (instrumental)
3. I Hate January / 1:51
4. Happy / 3:40
5. Breathe / 3:58
6. A minutes notice / 2:48 (instrumental - in memory of the Tsunami victims)

Total play time: 17:47

The Fakes are:
Juliarna Cleal-vocals
Jase McCormick-guitars
Peter Bouwman-bass
Caz Gannell-cello
David Cox-drums'n'beats

For more information, bio, pics and interviews, please contact:

Lasse de Flon


Saturday, March 26, 2005