Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Animoto feature !

We are still featured on the highly acclaimed video creation website [2009 Webby Awards Winners]!

Animoto - 100% Kick Ass

Throughout 2008 the remix version of by Fake has been featured on the indie rock music lounge and now in 2009 the song and video is still and featured on the main music page too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please support us !

Our debut release in 2002 with Kira and the kindred spirits is the foundation of the label and obviously of highest importance.

Since 2005 we are in a dispute with Copenhagen Records due to their copyright infringement by selling the same recording to the public audience. In 2008 Kira and the people at CPH REC again left for the new label Mermaid Records which is represented by Sony/BMG in Denmark and now they are releasing the same album too [].

Needless to say, we're pissed !, please support us by buying the original recordings. We are of course pursuing these filthy big brother methods but a trial costs money and so are lawyers so for the time being we are unfortunately unable to take Copenhagen Records, Mermaid Records, Sony/BMG to trial.
But believe me we're closing in and soon we will probably be rich.

Thanks dear listeners !

Sublime Exile Recordings