Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey Julie by The MeMeMe's

The debut by UK duo The MeMeMe's is released on November 16. The single will be released in more than 60 Internet outlets in over 200 countries around the globe. Note: due to domestic procedures the release date and cover artworks may vary.

Episode One
In a Galaxy not that far far away……Cardiff, less than a light year ago in a toxic Nebula of a 24 hour BBQ, 2 stars collided thus creating the nuclear fusion of The MeMeMe’s, namely Richard Proctor and Mel Daley – collaboration of the millennium. After the explosion, Richard and Mel discovered that they were in possession of some Hyper Muso-Scientific powers. Mel learnt that she now possessed Helium-based song writing skills and Richard had obtained Hydrogen-Proficiency in arrangement and instrumentation. They set forth these skills in a string theory of acoustic gigs as well as invitations to perform at “SWN” festival 2008, support slots with Martin Carr (Brave Captain, Boo Radleys) and Rhys Ifans’ band The Peth. They have also been featured as Artist of the Week on BBC Radio. 2009 saw them perform at The Greenman Festival. These anomalies resulted in astronomical data results; an album called OC/DC is now being processed. The trip is not over. May gravitational interaction begin…