Friday, April 21, 2006

Happiness saves lives

Nogle har måske noteret at Copenhagen Records reudgiver Happiness saves lives med Kira and the kindred spirits. Densamme plade som vi udgav i 2002.

Vi kommer snart at publicere historien som danner grundlag for denne reudgivelse på Kira's nuværende pladeselskab. Den handler om kynisme, løgner og bedrag…

Music Business Independent Network

We are joining the Music Business Independent Network in Sweden to gain even more exposure and network. The MBIN is the cream of the music business in Sweden with people covering every angle of the industry.

Sublime Exile Demosphere

Everybody's talking about it. So we joined too and soon the UK will follow.

Sending your demo's could not be easier. Use the and you'll get in touch with music industry proffessionals. The site is in Swedish but will soon be in English too (most likely in May 2006). Forget about burning CD's, packaging and stamps. Send your mp3 demo's to the Sublime Exile Demosphear and we'll be in touch soon. Simply go to: - good luck !!!