Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grammy Award Winner !

In 2001 we signed and produced the critically acclaimed debut album "Happiness saves lives" to Kira and the kindred spirits. The album was released on June 17 the following year in 2002 and the media and industry all agreed this was really something extraordinary. Yesterday, 5/6 years later, Kira, the charismatic singer/ songwriter of the band, finally received the Grammy Award for best female singer. Currently we're in a dispute with Kira's current record label Copenhagen Records who has re-released the album that we, due to contract, have the rights to. As soon as we're financially able we will sue the label for breaking the law of copyrights and for using our recordings and artworks on the re issue of the recordings. Kira is one of the greatest rock'n'roll voices of all time coming out on the danish rock scene, no doubt, and from the headquarters at Sublime Exile Recordings we can only express our deepest faith in the music and all the best wishes. Congratulations !!!