Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Worldwide distribution

In August 2008 we signed an worldwide distribution/marketing deal and all our releases are now available through major and minor digital outlets such as itunes, napster, amazon, rhapsody, fnac, nokia music, virgin mega, klicktrack, 7th digital, indiestore, iThinkmusic... and there are still many more to come.

We have recently released an EP with the anonymous Swedish/American duo Fake and the debut album to Australian shoegazers The Fakes. Soon to be released, in November 2008, is the album to the Icelandic trio Pondus and in the beginning of 2009 we are releasing two full length albums with UK's The MeMeMe's and the great African Cora player Basiru Suso (Nominated for Danish World Music Award 2007 with the album Kouma).

Currently we are featured on the international licensing website youlicense.com. The remix version by Fake is still No. 1 on the the highly acclaimed video creation website animoto.com. Furthermore the song is licensed to the American mobile website thecellfreak.com and there are more in the works still to be announced.

We have made our brand new media server (accessible from our website) which is is made to make it easy for us to share our digital content fast and secure to media and associates. To access the server you'll obviously need an password which is given upon request by contacting us.

Thanks for your attention and support !!

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