Monday, April 13, 2009

Since myspace is not answering we need to talk to others to find out.

How come a popular profile on myspace suddenly got no views nor plays ?

My record label first entered myspace in March 2006 and ever since, until approx. October last year, the profile has been surprisingly popular with sometimes over 500 views and plays per day (currently over 390.000 profile views). But it seems, since the myspace remake in 2008, that our profile all of a sudden fell into some kind of a vacuum. Presently no one is hardly ever visiting the profile nor playing our music ? - how come ? - what happened ?

We have sent several inquiries to myspace but so far no answers and we are getting more and more annoyed and we are certain that there must be many others facing the same problem.

Because of this we hardly use our myspace profile for promotion any longer and that's really sad because myspace is necessary.

Maybe Tom just got greedy ?